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Specials from The Dive Shop

AkonTabago mask- 50% off, sale price $25.00, blue only while supplies last



Tier Level Pricing Specials- buy 2 items in a tier level and get 10% off those items, buy 3 items in a tier level and get 20% off

Tier One (items $100 or more)

Buoyancy Compensators, Regulators, Octo's, Computers, Consoles, Large luggage (new or used), Wetsuits (new), Spare Air, Scuba tanks, flashlights

Tier Two (items $20 or more)

Masks, Fins, Snorkels, Bags (regulator, duffel, drybags, etc) on glass wall, gloves, weights >5 pounds, used wetsuits, knives, flashlights, marker buoys/floats, beanies, boots, Docs proplugs



Dive Specials:

regular price: Online course $179, in water training and cert fees $275

Pay for both up front and receive a 5% discount- total $431.30

Group discounts:

2 divers- discount 5%

3 divers- discount 7.5%

4 or more divers- discount 10%

Discounts CAN be combined!!!!