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Nitrox / Tri-Mix
Enriched Air (EANX)

Nitrox is diving's latest tool in the struggle to safely extend the no decompression time or bottom time. Nitrox can substantially lengthen your no decompression times over the standard air mixture diving. Our nitrox course is designed to teach safe diving procedures for no decompression diving with enriched air. Diving with nitrox can reduce risk of decompression sickness due to the lowered percentages of nitrogen contained in the air mixture. The advantages of using nitrox far outweigh the disadvantages, which are the potential for oxygen toxicity and slightly decreased maximum depths. Special considerations must be given to tanks and equipment used with nitrox.
For additional information on nitrox or to register for the course please email or call The Dive Shop at
(936) 632-3483.

Enroll in our enriched air certification course for $169- this price includes certification fees, the enriched air manual or the online learning course plus personal classroom instruction with the PADI required hands-on practical application session at The Dive Shop (enriched air dives are optional and not included in the course price)


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