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1506 S. First St., Lufkin,TX

(936) 632-3483

Hydrostatic Pressure Testing Facility On Site
D.O.T. Rated Cylinders

The Dive Shop offers complete hydrostatic testing service of most types of D.O.T. rated cylinders including both steel and aluminum. The Dive Shop offers state of the art facilities where competent testing and safety are stressed. Quick turn-around time and careful handling of cylinders are also important considerations. Most cylinders can be tested and back in service in 2-3 working days. We are able to test all types of cylinders including scuba cylinders, medical oxygen cylinders, industrial oxygen cylinders, SCBA cylinders for firefighters and industry, CO2 cylinders and fire extinguisher cylinders.

Our technicians are trained and certified to meet D.O.T. requirements and our facility is licensed, certified, and monitored by the U.S. Department of Transportation.

We offer competitive pricing and bulk pick up and delivery service (in some cases).


Most cylinders have to be hydrostatically tested every 5 years

We also repair and service tanks, tank valves, regulators, BCD's

We sell and fill C02 tanks


Pricing: (group discounts available- call us for pricing)

Hydrostatic testing for SCUBA cylinders: $35

Hydrostatic testing for CO2 cylinders: $35

Visual Inspections (includes air fill): $16

Air Fills SCUBA tank: $8



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